iCON Workshop - July 18, 2019

iCON Workshop - July 18, 2019


University of Massachusetts
1 Campus Center Way
Amherst, MA

iCON Leadership Academy is an immersive and interactive workshop experience for high school athletes.


  • One-Day Workshop

  • Lunch, Snacks & Refreshments

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Ongoing iCON Community Support


  • Defining Leadership

  • Identifying Leadership Challenges

  • Establishing Core Values

  • Establishing Leadership Brand
    Debate Activity Focusing on Leadership Philosophy and Team Culture

  • Leading by Example (Making the most of practice, being a great teammate, developing self-confidence, fighting through adversity, embracing pressure)
    Vocal Leadership (Challenging teammates, encouraging teammates, communicating with coaches)

  • Team Culture (Identifying healthy team culture, examine your current team culture, identify strategies to enhance your current team culture)

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