Life, as in sports, is not a game of just toughness, it's a game of mental preparedness.


Establish Your Personal Identity

One of the foundations of successful leadership is increasing one’s self-awareness. We will help you take an honest look in the mirror by comparing the way you see yourself with how others might experience you.

  • Core values

  • Leadership brand and legacy

  • Leadership philosophy

Assert Your Influence

As a leader, you have an impact on the culture of every team you are a member of. You also have an impact on the larger community around you. We will provide you the tools to refine and build upon it.

  • Thrive in pressure situations

  • Effectively handle adversity

  • Become a better teammate

  • Improve your practice habits

Vocalize Your Influence

We will help you develop a systematic plan to have a positive impact on your team’s culture as well as the community around you.

  • Effectively encourage and challenge your teammates

  • Balance accountability and empathy

  • Effectively communicate with your coach

  • Critically examine your current team culture

  • Establish a plan of action to positively impact team culture